The role of “alts” in media criticism & news literacy

Media criticism is an essential part of the alternative newsmedia’s mission. “As American journalism, both electronic and print, becomes ever more abrupt…we are offering the opposite,” an alt-weekly editor told The New York Times in 1989. To give readers an alternative—a different perspective, another voice—is to help them become more critical of the news in their community.

With trust in the news media at its lowest point in decades, the need for an alternative voice is perhaps greater than ever. How should AAN members differentiate themselves from competitors? What role can “alternative” journalism play in building trust in the news media? What does it mean to “offer the opposite” now?


  • Brendan Fitzgerald, Associate Editor, Columbia Journalism Review
  • Andrew Beaujon, Senior Editor, Washington Magazine
  • Brandon Soderberg, Editor In Chief, Baltimore City Paper
  • Julia Goldberg, Faculty, Santa Fe University

Location: Glover Date: July 28, 2017 Time: 9:15 am - 10:00 am Brendan Fitzgerald Andrew Beaujon Brandon Soderberg Julia Goldberg